Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Increase Sales By Your Presentation

As we discussed in our last post, presentation is everything. Not only does it look good to your customer, it speaks the words "we are a company, we are organized, we know what we are doing, we want you to shop with us again." In this picture you will see all the items that Mrs Supply sends with a ribbon order. You will see the envelope in the far back with the return address label of Mrs Supply, then on the left you will see a business card, a card and envelope where we have hand written a thank you note. On the right hand side you will see a bag with the ordered ribbon, as well as a free ribbon with a Mrs Supply round card stock tag, as well as a card stock marker that the bag is attached to that says Mrs Supply and ribbon on it. As you can tell the presentation of this speaks to the customer. It is so important to include things like a thank you note, a return address label, and more.
Now you don't have to have all matching items like we do at Mrs Supply. You can have your own set of items that may not all match but they should be the same sent to every customer. Once you get repeat customers they will look to you for this organized way of sending the items they bought. It dignifies your shop. It puts the "i" in integrity. You will want to present you items in the same way over and over again so make sure you have enough items or that you can order more if you need to.
Our items come from a terrific shop online called Danys Creative Visions. She is amazing. Not only does she print all our items she also has created all of our shops avatars and banners. She does amazing work. She can be reached at Or you can email her at Getting in touch with her was one of the best business decisions I have made with all 4 of my companies.

Presentation is a critical part of your business. It doesn't have to cost a lot of money to do so. You just have to come up with your own niche about how you want your orders to look to your customer each and every time. It is important to keep the same look for all your customers. Remember customer talk. You will want to give the best presentation possible. It is like a chef presenting his food to you. He wants it to look tasty & presentable enough to eat and have you come back again. It also has to taste good. The same applies in online shopping.

Mrs Supply offers many items that can help you give the best presentation possible. If you aren't sure what those items might be, we are right here ready to answer and help in any way we can. We love to hear from you. No question is a silly question. Let us help you make your presentation one that customers will come back to order over and over again. We are adding new items all the time. We have many items that are not listed, so if you are looking for something, we just might have it.

Best wishes in finding your own niche in presenting your products to your customers.

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