Friday, February 4, 2011

Sale - 15% Off all supplies at Mrs Supply - WHAT TO DO WITH RIBBON

Sale Happening now! 15% off all ribbons!

There are many things you can do with our ribbons. Some ideas that we have thought of are:

  • wrapping gifts

  • bows for wreaths

  • wedding bows for pews, centerpieces, vases, gifts, flower arrangements, etc.

  • floral arrangement bows

  • centerpiece bows

  • making hair bows

  • wrapping items you sold online for your customers

  • gift baskets

  • scrapbooking

  • card making

  • baby shower decorating

  • crafts and decorations

  • home and garden creations

The ideas are endless just use your imagination and see what you can come up with. We carry all kinds of ribbons that can be used for all different kinds of projects. We sell wire ribbon, thin ribbon, thick ribbon, sheer, satin, organza, grosgrain, etc. There are many crafts that each ribbon kind can be used to create with. Ribbon is fun and functional. It can be elaborate or simple. We encourage you to share your ribbon ideas with us.

Find our ribbons at:

15% OFF all supplies now until February 28, 2011. Visit us now & save.

Monday, January 17, 2011

It is 2011

It is 2011 and Mrs Supply is going strong. We are located on two sites, and Right now we have more items listed on Zibbet than we do on Etsy, but this is soon to change. We have many goals for this New Year. We want to share a few of them with you in no particular order.
  • Goal 1: to blog on a more regular basis
  • Goal 2: to list all our items we have in stock regularly
  • Goal 3: to continue to offer the best customer service possible
  • Goal 4: to update our website at
  • Goal 5: to list on twitter and facebook on a regular basis - our twitter address is and our facebook address is
  • Goal 6: to continue to ship our items as fast as possible, usually within a few days, because I am blind it may take anywhere between 3-10 business days.
  • Goal 7: to communicate with our customers about new products
  • Goal 8: to continue to send our products off in the best presentation possible
  • Goal 9: to be organized in all our affairs
  • Goal 10: to make our goals happen

We have more goals that are within the company guidelines. We look forward to serving our customers in the best way possible. We want to continue to make Value - Quality - Trust the forefront of our company. We have high hopes for the year 2011. We look forward to this year being a great year! We look forward to sharing our hopes with you.

From our hearts to yours, we wish you and yours a healthy, happy, joyful, fun New Year of 2011!

- Mrs Supply

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Increase Sales By Your Presentation

As we discussed in our last post, presentation is everything. Not only does it look good to your customer, it speaks the words "we are a company, we are organized, we know what we are doing, we want you to shop with us again." In this picture you will see all the items that Mrs Supply sends with a ribbon order. You will see the envelope in the far back with the return address label of Mrs Supply, then on the left you will see a business card, a card and envelope where we have hand written a thank you note. On the right hand side you will see a bag with the ordered ribbon, as well as a free ribbon with a Mrs Supply round card stock tag, as well as a card stock marker that the bag is attached to that says Mrs Supply and ribbon on it. As you can tell the presentation of this speaks to the customer. It is so important to include things like a thank you note, a return address label, and more.
Now you don't have to have all matching items like we do at Mrs Supply. You can have your own set of items that may not all match but they should be the same sent to every customer. Once you get repeat customers they will look to you for this organized way of sending the items they bought. It dignifies your shop. It puts the "i" in integrity. You will want to present you items in the same way over and over again so make sure you have enough items or that you can order more if you need to.
Our items come from a terrific shop online called Danys Creative Visions. She is amazing. Not only does she print all our items she also has created all of our shops avatars and banners. She does amazing work. She can be reached at Or you can email her at Getting in touch with her was one of the best business decisions I have made with all 4 of my companies.

Presentation is a critical part of your business. It doesn't have to cost a lot of money to do so. You just have to come up with your own niche about how you want your orders to look to your customer each and every time. It is important to keep the same look for all your customers. Remember customer talk. You will want to give the best presentation possible. It is like a chef presenting his food to you. He wants it to look tasty & presentable enough to eat and have you come back again. It also has to taste good. The same applies in online shopping.

Mrs Supply offers many items that can help you give the best presentation possible. If you aren't sure what those items might be, we are right here ready to answer and help in any way we can. We love to hear from you. No question is a silly question. Let us help you make your presentation one that customers will come back to order over and over again. We are adding new items all the time. We have many items that are not listed, so if you are looking for something, we just might have it.

Best wishes in finding your own niche in presenting your products to your customers.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Presentation - It is a must in all businesses, especially yours

There are many reasons to shop at Mrs Supply. This post is the first that will talk about how our supplies will give the presentation your company needs to be successful. A chef concentrates not only on good taste, but also on a beautiful presentation. The same applies to your business. Not only should you be conentrating on your item for sale, but also how you will present it to your customer. Mrs Supply has just what you need. We have boxes, ribbons, tins, and through our sister store, Daintie Designs, you can purchase tags, pre-made ribbon instore tags and cards.

You want to present your item to your customers in the best way possible, but also keeping your pocket-book in mind. We have the items you need to give a beautiful presentation. It is simple, we have boxes that come in all colors, ribbons in many different fabrics with all sorts of colors. Simply wrap your boxes with beautiful ribbons, add a tag of thanks, or put a hold in your business cards and waaahhhhlaaaaa...beautiful presentation. Simplicity can be key. You don't have to spend much to make something presentable enough like a chef does. Mrs Supply has what you need.

Mrs Supply knows what she is talking about as she has 3 other sister stores, Jewels So Sweet, Vintage Way and the already mentioned Daintie Designs. Each store sends off it's items using Mrs Supply's supplies giving beautiful presentation. No item goes out without offering the customer presention. It is critical to send off your item to your customer in a way that says "this is an item from a shop that you want to order from again." You want your item to sell more items.

To increases sales.....

Stay tunned for more, with pictures to show you just what we mean.

Low Prices Kept For Good !!

Mrs Supply has kept Christmas in July prices for good. Prices can't be beat! Check out Mrs Supply on Zibbet. All the supplies you need for a sucessful business. You can find us on Etsy also.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Enjoy BIG Price Cuts For Good! HAPPY JULY!

Today begins July - Can you believe it?

Well you won't believe the price cuts that Mrs Supply has for you now.

Amazingly low prices on ribbons!


Our prices have been cut in a BIG way! Take a look!

Come join Mrs Supply and enjoy the ribbon fun!

Happy Summer to you all - may it be filled with tons of fun!

Ribbons in all kinds from ric rac, to satin, to specialities, to grosgrain, sheer, paper ribbon & much more! They are easy to find on Zibbet!

GREAT GREAT PRICING! Happy 4th of July! Celebrate America with us by enjoying HUGE price cuts! NO SALE, just new prices! Mrs Supply is happy to share her new prices with you!

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Such a Deal: Sale on now! 20% off store-wide! Plus, FREE Shipping!

What a deal, don't let it pass you by. Buy your supplies today!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Remember: Mrs Supply has a HUGE SALE going on RIGHT now! 20% OFF ALL ITEMS! Mrs Supply loves to offer sales, but this one is so great, she isn't so sure how long this one will last. Take a look now on Zibbet. This sale is only valid on Zibbet. !

Sunday, May 9, 2010


20% OFF EVERYTHING in our ZIBBET shop! That's right EVERYTHING is 20% off! Join us for a terrific out of this world sale! You may not see another one like this for awhile. Come check out Mrs Supply. She has something you need at 20% OFF!

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Just Another Reason Why I Love ZIBBET!

Hi guys,
I just wanted to quickly jump in here to add my two cents worth to what has been a pretty hectic week here at Zibbet, and apparently an 'interesting' one at Etsy.I just wanted you guys to be able to get a bit of a philosophical feel for how Jonathan and I and our team like to run our organisation.I figure if people are going to have the opportunity to trust us, then it will require communication and getting to know one another a bit more.So in that vein I'd like to list a few of our beliefs and values concerning how we would like to see Zibbet move forward as it grows bigger.

1. I want to say very emphatically that here at Z we are not in the business of bagging other venues. Whether they are better or worse than Z, we are not here to cast a shadow on what they do. Especially in light of events this week, let me say we are not interested in tearing down Etsy. We have a lot of respect for Etsy and what they have achieved and there is lots that we can learn from them.
2. Our leadership of Zibbet will not always be perfect, because as humans, we are imperfect. However, we will always endeavour to give our very best effort for the marketplace we have created and those who choose to belong to it. We will make mistakes, but we will never stop trying not to.
3. We will always seek to maintain the highest level of communication with our members as possible. This is motivated by the genuine desire to make Zibbet the best selling venue it possibly can be for your sake. We will always try to be available to our sellers by answering questions, listening to concerns or ideas and generally just being available to personally contribute to peoples' needs. Even as we grow very big, Jonathan and I plan to stay heavily involved in communicating directly with as many sellers as we possibly can. We know this will stretch us, but we are committed to it.
4. Common courtesy is a passion of ours so this will continue to dictate our behaviors and the way in which we interact with you. We believe if someone asks a question they deserve an answer. If we make a mistake, we will own it and apologise. We aim to treat every person with respect. We know we will probably not be able to please everyone, but we will not engage in the practice of 'simply writing people off' because they are upset about something.

All of this may sound lofty or overly romantic and nostalgic, but it is the truthful reality of our desire going forward.

Please feel free to quote or copy and paste these comments in any of your communication with others.

If we work together, we can build one of the greatest online selling venues of all time.
A few thoughts from me, for what it's worth.


Friday, March 26, 2010

Mrs Supply Has RIbbons - All Ready to Purchase

Celebrating ribbon! We have all kinds of fabulous ribbon. You can find them on our website at or on our Etsy shop which you can find by clicking the pictures on the right hand side.

The ribbons we carry right now are the following:

Charm Flowers
Gingham Mini
Polka Dots
Ric Rac
Center Stitch
Side Stitch

The wonderful thing about Mrs Supply is we can special order different colors, sizes, shapes, etc. So if you are interested in something we don't list, that doesn't mean we can't get it for you. All you have to do is ask. We are right here.

We believe in the quality of our ribbons. We offer them to you at great prices. We hope you enjoy the new addition to our shop.

Can you believe it almost APRIL? Enjoy the moment for it's all we have!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mrs Supply sells Lampwork Glass Beads

Mrs Supply offers the best quality with the best prices on lampwork glass beads. You will find similar beads that sell for 12.99 & above. Mrs Supply buys in large quantities and is able to keep her costs lower than most suppliers.

These lampwork glass beads are one of a kind. Each one is made special for Mrs Supply. They are absolutely beautiful. The size of the are all about .5 inches x .5 inches with a height of .25 inches or 12.7 mm x 12.7 mm x 6.35 mm, but they vary to slight degrees as they all are made individually. The inside hole or the mandrel is 4mm in size.

We are sure you will be pleased with one or more of these works of art. They are simply stunning. The chain pictured in the beads is NOT included. It is just for photography purposes. If you are interested in this chain or other necklaces, please contact us and we will see if we can help.

We are happy to report our lampwork glass beads are listed at and now at We do offer gift certificates as well that never expire.

We can always try to accommodate your needs, so if you are looking for something in particular, please don't hesitate to check with us to see if we can accommodate your requests. You can email us at or visit us at the sites listed above and send us a message there. We are right here for you.

Wishing all of you & yours a very Happy Holiday Season!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Who is she, this Mrs Supply?

Mrs Supply. She is like Grandma, she has everything you want and need with that extra special touch. Mrs Supply offers great value, incredible quality that will leave you a feeling of trust over and over again.

Some things she offers:

ribbons by the yard
lampwork beads
some jewelry supplies
boxes, many varieties
bags, lots of different kinds and styles
gift wrapping supplies
shipping supplies

Mrs Supply is set to officially open February 1, 2010, but there are a few products available now through Etsy at

So if you like the feeling of a good old Grandma, you will enjoy Mrs Supply.

Value. Quality. Trust.

We will continue to blog until we open so be sure to sign up as a follower below!

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